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  • The Visual Effects of Okja

    Published: 30/06/2017
    In the genre-bending animal adventure Okja, a young girl called Mija (An Seo Hyun) helps her grandfather Hee Bong (Byun Heebong) to raise a gigantic super-pig in the wilds of South Korea. When Lucy Mi ... Read more
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  • cineSync and the Global Roundtable

    Published: 21/06/2017
    Like many industries in the 21st century, visual effects is a worldwide operation. Pick any populated spot on the globe and chances are you’ll find a visual effects facility somewhere in the same lati ... Read more
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  • Outpost VFX Dives 47 Meters Down

    Published: 20/06/2017
    Steven Spielberg’s tense 1975 thriller Jaws has a lot to answer for. Not only did it help set the mold for the summer blockbuster, but it also secured the place of the great white shark as cinema’s gr ... Read more
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