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  • Where my user name came from

    Published: 25/02/2017
    Hi there been on this forum for around six months now lots of great information the reason I joined is because of finding more information about my 2017 F 450 Just thought I would show you guys... Read more
  • Oil & Alt. Gauge Bezel ?

    Published: 25/02/2017
    I need to get the bezels off of these things to clean out 50 years of dust. But I'm afraid the tabs that hold them on will break off if I bend them up. Have any of you successfully removed these... Read more
  • 48-52 V8 battery tray

    Published: 25/02/2017
    i bought a V8 battery tray from DC to mount on my stand. Thinking about sending it back, the rear post is not 100% vertical like I would expect. Did the original post lean like this? Image:... Read more
  • Vinyl Flooring for 99 F250 CC

    Published: 25/02/2017
    Hey guys. I'm back to doing a little work to my truck. I'm looking to replace my crappie carpet with a vinyl floor. I'm wanting oem or equivalent. Does anyone know of a good place to order from? If... Read more
  • Any Bed Rug buyers yet?

    Published: 25/02/2017
    My SD came withthe Factory spray in liner but I want the cushion for my knees that you get from a Bed Rug. They claim it will stick to a spray on liner, just wondered if anyone here has tried this in. ... Read more
  • 96 exhaust y pipe source

    Published: 25/02/2017
    Is there a source for stock replacement for 460 with factory manifolds? I found Walker makes one fits up to 92, I know they changed to a dif manifold casting after 92. Is the earlier same angle,... Read more