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  • Gods Character Is Infinitely Holy

    Published: 22/02/2017
    Because this is a moral universe, character, which is the excellence of moral beings, is naturally paramount. As the excellence of steel is strength and the excellence of art is beauty, so the excelle ... Read more
  • Defining Apocalyptic Literature

    Published: 22/02/2017
    The problem western pop-Christianity has re-defined apocalyptic to refer only to “the end of the world as we know it.” Some students want to read Revelation as if it was in the same genre as The Book ... Read more
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  • “The Doors! The Doors!”

    Published: 22/02/2017
    I sometimes think we Orthodox have a problem with modernity—by which I don’t mean that we should begin ordaining women to the priesthood or marrying homosexuals (those two thoroughly modern issues) or ... Read more
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