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  • ReactOS 0.4.4 released

    Published: 17/02/2017
    Today marks the fifth release of the ReactOS 0.4.x series, as well as the fifth following the 4 month release cycle started by 0.4.0 itself. Progress has continued steadily, with a great deal of work ... Read more
    Source: osnews.com
  • ToaruOS 1.0.3 released

    Published: 17/02/2017
    ToaruOS 1.0 was released 18 days ago, and since then, several bugfix releases have been released. The latest release - the one you want to test - is 1.0.3. ToaruOS is a complete hobby operating system ... Read more
    Source: osnews.com
  • The Ultimate Green Technology

    Published: 16/02/2017
    University of Alberta Researchers at the University of Alberta (UAlberta) in Canada have patterned and imaged silicon at the atomic scale, which they say is an achievement that has revolutionary impli ... Read more
    Source: www.ualberta.ca