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  • Artie and Sergio by Tuitey Fruity

    Published: 19/02/2017
    Shaenon: Tuitey Fruity drew this cute picture of Artie and Sergio.  In official Skin Horse continuity, of course, these two were only a couple in an alternative universe where things went horribly wro ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • So Many Kickstarter Sketches

    Published: 12/02/2017
    Shaenon: Some people just want to see Unity from when she had dead bobcat ears stitched to her head.  I respect that. Channing: Man, you guys are just the best. It’s always neat to see the tiny ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • January 2017 Wallpaper: Airmail

    Published: 5/02/2017
    Shaenon: The Nick/Dr. Lee relationship is all hells of messed up, but I love drawing them.  All the flowers in the illustration signify secret or forbidden love in Victorian flower language.  SECRET L ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • More Kickstarter Sketches

    Published: 22/01/2017
    Shaenon: More sketches for Skin Horse 6 Kickstarter backers.  Bubbles is another popular request. Channing: Ooh, once again, good requests from all y’all’s. Also, I already miss Tigerlily ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com