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  • Unity by Tuitey Fruity

    Published: 2/07/2017
    Shaenon: Tuitey Fruity writes, ” The current fashion story arc and Unity playing dress up made me want to draw her modeling some extreme fashion and a funny shirt.”  Thank you so much! Cha ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • June 2017 Wallpaper: A Visit to Remy’s House

    Published: 18/06/2017
    Shaenon: This month’s wallpaper illustration is based on the children’s book A Visit to William Blake’s Inn, written by Nancy Willard and illustrated by the husband/wife team of Alic ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • Nick and Dr. Lee by Tuitey Fruity

    Published: 4/06/2017
    Shaenon: Thanks so much to Tuitey Fruity for this sweet pinup of Nick and Dr. Lee, with Dr. Lee in her superhero gear from the Jersey Devil storyline.  This is excellent! Channing: This! This right he ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com