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  • More Adventurous ABCs

    Published: 21/05/2017
    Shaenon: Another illustration for The Adventurous ABCs, written by Jess Nevins and drawn by me.  This is the A page. Channing: Loving the background detail! At time of writing, Shaenon’s team is ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • The Adventurous ABCs

    Published: 7/05/2017
    Shaenon: Look at this!  I’m illustrating a children’s alphabet book, The Adventurous ABCs, written by Jess Nevins.  We’re running a Kickstarter for it now; back it to get the book, T ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • April Wallpaper Background

    Published: 23/04/2017
    Shaenon: A closer look at the background of the lovely unicorn tapestry in this month’s wallpaper. Incidentally, this is the first Skin Horse wallpaper that Jeff asked for a copy of.  That guy i ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com