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  • The fire is so delightful

    Published: 24/02/2017
    So WAAAY back in January, I wanted to do a long cozy sweater for a work project for Valentine’s Day. McCall’s M7476, in specific.  “Sounds great!” said my boss. “Are ... Read more
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  • The (elusive) Perfect Tee Shirt

    Published: 22/02/2017
    My husband has always liked a bit of that James Dean look, and key to it is that perfect white tee shirt. Which isn’t always easy to find. But his last few purchases have been largely disappoint ... Read more
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  • Brand-new pink corset

    Published: 5/02/2017
    Of course as soon as I got the antique pink corset I wanted to copy it. If only to get a better sense of how it is shaped.  This is not such a replica. If anything, it’s a crude approximati ... Read more
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