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  • Pathan, Pakhtun & Afghan

    Published: 15/09/2016
     Pathan: Now a days even some well educated peoples fail to apply these grand terms in proper prospectives, so I try resolution of the controversy, if could be accomplished! In fact Pathan is the coll ... Read more
    Source: www.pkhope.com
  • Is TuQ Really Gulen of Pakistan?

    Published: 14/09/2016
    In their exasperation and frustration, PTI’s leaders are criticizing Qadri as Qadri refused to join their Raiwind March. Imran Khan and his party know that the firepower comes from the QadriR ... Read more
    Source: www.pkhope.com
  • Qadri Will Join Imran in Raiwind March

    Published: 13/09/2016
    Its all smoke screen. The announcement by Qadri that he wont be joining Imran Khan and his PTI in Raiwind March is to gain some reputation and to deceive the PMLN government. What’s in the store ... Read more
    Source: www.pkhope.com