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  • Paleo Tod Mun Chicken Cakes

    Published: 15/02/2017
    Our favorite Thai joint back in our Austin days made a version of these crispy, spicy cakes that they served with a refreshing cucumber relish. It was our go-to appetizer—every. single. time. Now that ... Read more
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  • Five Paleo Dinners To Cook Next Week #51

    Published: 10/02/2017
    It’s that time: my Twitter feed is filled with bacon rose bouquets, chocolate treats, and heart-shaped gifts. Are you feeling romantic? Dave and I generally ignore Valentine’s Day, and thi ... Read more
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  • Paleo Valentine’s Day Menus

    Published: 9/02/2017
    Even though I firmly believe that life is best when we don’t eat our feelings, I’m also 100% committed to the idea that we can show sincere, true, nurturing love with homemade food—especia ... Read more
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  • True Hunger vs. Emotional Appetite

    Published: 8/02/2017
    This post is one of my old favorites, and I’m sharing it now because Man! Life in the U.S. is a little stressful right now, no? When emotions are running high, it can be hard to differentiate ac ... Read more
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  • Paleo Super Bowl Party Game Plan

    Published: 1/02/2017
    It’s no secret that I’m a New England Patriots fan, and Martellus Bennett is my current favorite player. He’s a totally kickass tight end, and, it turns out, an awesome and creative ... Read more
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  • We’re Moving To Prague

    Published: 18/01/2017
    Last Saturday, Dave and I bought our one-way tickets from Boston to Prague and reserved a space for Smudge on the plane. It’s official! On April 13, we become expats. You guys, we are really mov ... Read more
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