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  • Pokemon GO: Working with IV

    Published: 6/08/2016
    I found this Jynx wandering around Main Street in Hartford this morning outside a sportswear shop. She was getting depressed at how thin all the mannequins in the window display were, and I was gettin ... Read more
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  • Burnin’ the Barn. Again.

    Published: 5/08/2016
    Thought it was time for Kasul to get star billing. As he and Shandra say their tearful goodbyes…. for now, folks. For now. Those two crazy kids will meet again, I promise. But what’s happe ... Read more
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  • D&D — Where We Are Now

    Published: 4/08/2016
    I want to try an experiment tonight — I want to try and “live blog” tonight’s D&D session here on West Karana. But I haven’t blogged about our ongoing D&D campa ... Read more
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  • Final Fantasy Exvius Brave!

    Published: 3/08/2016
    Final Fantasy Exvius Brave, a mobile chapter in Square-Enix’s immortal Final Fantasy series, came out about a month ago in the USA, and what it is is a nostalgic travel back through all the othe ... Read more
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