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  • Why do economists ignore risk?

    Published: 26/03/2017
    Cochrane writes on his Grumpy Economist blog: Here’s how covered interest parity works. Think of two ways to invest money, risklessly, for a year. Option 1: buy a one-year CD (conceptually. If y ... Read more
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  • Indian financial history

    Published: 22/03/2017
    My blog post a couple of months ago on financial history books led to a lively discussion in the comments on a similar list for Indian financial history. There was so much useful material in these com ... Read more
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  • Towards bank cartelization in India?

    Published: 17/03/2017
    I have begun to wonder whether Indian banks have stopped competing aggressively with each other and have started forming an implicit cartel. Rising non performing assets have reduced the appetite for ... Read more
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  • Uberization or not of finance

    Published: 27/02/2017
    Two years ago, Mike Carney (Chairman of the Financial Stability Board apart from being Governor of the Bank of England) warned financial regulators that they should: not be in this position where we&# ... Read more
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