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  • Jottings: on comparative demonologies

    Published: 21/05/2017
    At my May 2017 lecture at Treadwells Bookshop examining Tantra & Trance Possession, I gave a very brief outline of “afflictive possession” in both Ayurvedic & Tantric texts ̵ ... Read more
    Source: enfolding.org
  • The Queerness of Gnosis

    Published: 16/05/2017
    It’s probably not very surprising that I find myself trying to write a reflection on how Queerness and Gnosis intersect given the importance they both play in my life. My blog posts, and the book A Gn ... Read more
  • Typhonic Strands and AMOOKOS

    Published: 2/05/2017
    What follows is far from definitive, but hopefully allows for further reflection and an appreciation of the unique contribution that the Amookos (Arcane and Magickal Order Of the Knights Of Shambhala) ... Read more