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  • The Persons of the Trinity

    Published: 12/07/2017
    Jude 1 Consider the union of the three Divine Persons in all their gracious acts. How unwisely do those believers talk who make preferences in the Persons of the Trinity, who think of Jesus as if He w ... Read more
  • Established Through Suffering

    Published: 11/07/2017
    1 Peter 5:10 You have seen the arch of heaven as it spans the plain: Glorious are its colors, and rare its hues. It is beautiful, but, sadly, it passes away, and the rainbow is no more. The fair color ... Read more
  • Religious Word-Rationing

    Published: 10/07/2017
    Most religious people have been guilty of multiplying words as substitutes for worthy deeds, and of all such the writer of these lines is probably the worst offender. But because we have offended is n ... Read more
  • The Danger of Eloquence

    Published: 7/07/2017
    There are few things in religious circles held in greater esteem than eloquence. Yet there are few things of less actual value or that bring with them greater temptation or more harm. One qualificatio ... Read more
  • Remember your Pastor

    Published: 7/07/2017
    1 Thessalonians 5:25 This one morning in the year we reserved to remind each reader of the importance of praying for ministers, and we earnestly implore every Christian household to heed this request ... Read more
  • Recognizing the Witness of the Spirit

    Published: 5/07/2017
    Again, the experience of the Spirit's fullness coming upon the believer's heart is often judged by the amount and quality of emotional charge that accompanies it. Some go so far as to declare bluntly ... Read more
  • Doing Today What Ought to be Done

    Published: 1/07/2017
    Altogether apart from the prophetic expectations of devout men, there is the familiar fact of death itself. Of those Christians who had died, Paul said simply, "Some have fallen asleep." What a vast a ... Read more
  • That Unexpected Last Day

    Published: 30/06/2017
    Would it not be good for us to put away the vain dream of countless earthly days and face up to the blunt fact that our days on earth may actually not be many? For the true church, there is always the ... Read more
  • Christ's Generosity

    Published: 30/06/2017
    John 17:22 Behold the superlative generosity of the Lord Jesus, for He has given us His all. Although a tithe of His possessions would have made a universe of angels, rich beyond all thought, yet He w ... Read more