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  • 527 Miles To Ireland

    Published: 23/05/2017
    In over 13,000 engine hours and some 95,000 miles of travel, we’ve never had a mechanical emergency at sea and never have had to distrub the off-watch person to deal with an issue. This happened ... Read more
    Source: mvdirona.com
  • Newport to Grand Banks

    Published: 20/05/2017
    The first seven days of our 2,800nm passage from Newport RI to Kinsale, Ireland were a battle. We battled negative Bay of Fundy currents, low-pressure systems, and a water-ingress issue that threatene ... Read more
    Source: mvdirona.com
  • Newport Yachting Center

    Published: 19/05/2017
    Newport Yachting Center was a wonderful place to live for a few weeks as we staged for our Atlantic crossing. The marina had just put its docks back in the water the week prior to our arrival, but we ... Read more
    Source: mvdirona.com
  • North Atlantic 500mb Forecast

    Published: 6/05/2017
    We plan on getting underway this weekend for Kinsale, Ireland. It’s a tiny bit early in the season but we have what looks to be a blocking high developing in the North Atlantic which will stall ... Read more
    Source: mvdirona.com
  • Stack Socket Replacement

    Published: 3/05/2017
    A couple of days after we arrived into Newport, we found the breaker for the pilothouse 120V outlets had tripped. We investigated all the electronics plugged into the PH outlets but the breaker would ... Read more
    Source: mvdirona.com
  • Fuel, Option Value, Speed, & Safety

    Published: 30/04/2017
    Boat range in ocean conditions is remarkably hard to predict but it’s just about guaranteed that your real range is far shorter than estimates or even careful measurement if it wasn’t done ... Read more
    Source: mvdirona.com
  • Thunderbolt to Newport

    Published: 26/04/2017
    With a big push from the Gulf Stream and an evolving good weather forecast, an overnight run from Thunderbolt, Georgia turned into a three-night run to Cape May, New Jersey and eventually a four-night ... Read more
    Source: mvdirona.com