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    Published: 19/07/2017
    Preface To preface this beginner’s guide and rule-book on the game of “Lights Out”, the author discourages any individuals from initiating or participating in this game. With that being said, th ... Read more
  • The Happening of Crossroads

    Published: 11/07/2017
    Interstellar Colony Collective Government File Colony Failure Assessment Report Document 647 Report Date: 30th of May, 2374, 02:47 ET Reported by: CFA Basic Data Collector Salma Chakroun Information S ... Read more
  • Promise of a Lifetime

    Published: 29/06/2017
    The man had grown old in the lap of luxury. In a society full of new idealism and fresh new inventions he was one of the few remaining who’d come from old money. In his grandfather’s hands ... Read more
  • The Last Man on Earth

    Published: 26/06/2017
    Humanity has been long destroyed, decimated by its own ego and thirst for power fueled by the ignorance of man. How I pity for those who sought after authority and instead received the full force of t ... Read more
  • The Lake Burton Story

    Published: 23/06/2017
    I live in the northern half of Georgia, which to those who are unaware, is full of hill country and mountains. The Appalachian trail starts in North Georgia, as do many of the tributaries that feed ou ... Read more
  • The Cookie Monster at Night

    Published: 22/06/2017
    I scare pretty easily. It’s not quite pathetic, but my husband is always laughing at me for it. Such as whenever the music in some scary movie crescendos, and there is obviously a jump-scare coming up ... Read more
  • Thirst of the Damned

    Published: 21/06/2017
    Something happened today… and I can’t begin to tell you how it has changed everything. It had started off as a typical day. I had chosen today to go to my parents while my husband went to ... Read more
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    Published: 20/06/2017
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  • Appalachia – Part Two

    Published: 20/06/2017
    The other campers and I begged the girl to go into more detail about Timmy’s alleged sightings within the Appalachian region. She seemed all too happy to oblige us, seeing as we were hooked now, and l ... Read more