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  • The Tall Man with Yellow Eyes

    Published: 19/02/2017
    My life is a rather simple one. I sit in front of my computer (some work, some play) most of the day and usually order in when I am hungry. I go out only when I feel I absolutely need to. I don’t boas ... Read more
  • Update on Ratings System 2/17

    Published: 17/02/2017
    Hi! I wanted to let everyone know what has been going on wrt the ratings issue. My web host and I have been working on trying to figure out the issue with the ratings plugin. I think we finally figure ... Read more
  • The Old Masters Place

    Published: 16/02/2017
    “There it is. The old orphanage!” Bryce shouted eagerly, pointing haphazardly in front of us. He leaned up from his place in the back seat, and the smell of whiskey oozed from his lips and seemingly s ... Read more
  • Before the Revelation

    Published: 15/02/2017
    December 15th, 1985 Joram Bernstein Well, time surely does fly. It’s already been forty years since my wonderful stay in Auschwitz. To my surprise, I’m not horribly tormented by the memories of that p ... Read more
  • The Peculiar Painting

    Published: 11/02/2017
    The grandfather clock struck eleven as the wealthy old man rubbed his eyes, tired from reading one of his many dusty books that were stacked neatly on a tall oak bookshelf near the creaky chair on whi ... Read more
  • The House in The Shade

    Published: 10/02/2017
    These events took place when I was five years old, in the rural south. You see, back then, my family was always moving from town to town because of my stepfather’s work. Among the memories I have of t ... Read more
  • Someone in the House

    Published: 5/02/2017
    I am awake. I don’t recall falling asleep and am not real sure how I got into bed, but I am awake now. There is a very distant ringing in my ears, sort of like the aftermath of a concussive blast that ... Read more
  • My High School Had a Second Basement

    Published: 3/02/2017
    I grew up in a small town in New Jersey and attended the local public high school. It was senior year, and my friend Jack was in charge of setting up chairs for an assembly later that day. I got roped ... Read more
  • The Man In The Window

    Published: 1/02/2017
    Things had been tough for my mom and I, ever since my dad left us two years ago. At least I was old enough to get myself to and from school and I new my way around a microwave, but I wasn’t old enough ... Read more