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  • “The System Is The Beast”

    Published: 18/02/2017
    Dan Hagen (my musician friend from Nashville) and I have released another single… If you’re dying to throw money at me, I think it’s now available at iTunes and other online stores; ... Read more
  • Scott Sumner on Taxes

    Published: 16/02/2017
    I had urged him to write up an “explainer” type piece, summarizing key lessons on taxes. He came through. So far, his is the single best piece I’ve seen on the issue of border tax ad ... Read more
  • Contra Krugman-Feldstein

    Published: 14/02/2017
    I’ve been studying this chapter by Feldstein and Krugman on VATs/income taxes (from a 1990 NBER book). It’s excellent, as far as a mathematical model goes. I highly encourage academic econ ... Read more