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  • First Nintendo Switch Cartridge Dumps Released

    Published: 21/07/2017
    modrobert writes: "As expected after the recent Switch browser hacking mapping out sysmodules and gaining kernel access, game cartridges can now be dumped, and the scene group BigBlueBox already relea ... Read more
    Source: www.eurasia.nu
  • PS4 MTX KEY game sharing modchip

    Published: 12/07/2017
    modrobert writes: "I don't know much about the PS4 MTX KEY game sharing modchip except that it is some kind of flash patcher copying the console ID from a PS4 console which allows to extend the game s ... Read more
    Source: www.eurasia.nu
  • Switch kernel progress...

    Published: 10/07/2017
    modrobert writes: " Plutoo and derrek have made progress and discovered some kernel class names. Quote: 'we got the kernel' An important step towards homebrew running on Switch." NOTE: The EurAsia for ... Read more
    Source: www.eurasia.nu
  • Switch sysmodules dumped...

    Published: 25/06/2017
    modrobert writes: "Plutoo has dumped the Switch code binaries for all sysmodules (except the first 6). You can view the full resolution screenshot here . Quote from Twitter : 'Got a good view of the H ... Read more
    Source: www.eurasia.nu