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  • DEF CON 25 Schedule is Live!

    Published: 10/07/2017
    The DEF CON 25 Speaker Schedule is now LIVE! Please consult this schedule for all of your planning needs. For those of you who like to maximize efficiency, it can be paired with a venue map for optima ... Read more
    Source: www.defcon.org
  • Lawyer Meetup at DEF CON 25!

    Published: 8/07/2017
    Attention all lawyers, law students, and judges: The DEF CON Lawyer Meetup is BACK! We'll be meeting Saturday the 29th at 6pm in the Counsel Boardroom on the Promenade Level. Join us for conversation ... Read more
    Source: www.defcon.org
  • Important Call for Parties Update!

    Published: 7/07/2017
    Luxury problem: It turns out that we have a little more free night-time space than we anticipated. Luxury solution: Turn it over to DEF CON community for some more parties. Got an idea for a fun, open ... Read more
    Source: www.defcon.org
  • DEF CON 25 Demo Labs are Live!

    Published: 6/07/2017
    DEF CON Demo Labs are back, and everything you need to know about them is waiting for you at the DEMO Labs Page ! It's a heavy lineup of cool, open tools for all kinds of audiences, from testers to de ... Read more
    Source: www.defcon.org
  • Workshops Reg Opens July 5th!

    Published: 4/07/2017
    As hard as it might be to believe, we are less than a month away from DEF CON 25 - can you feel it in the air? For those of you who are interested in the Workshops, we have some registration info. Onl ... Read more
    Source: www.defcon.org
  • Meet the CFP Review Board!

    Published: 30/06/2017
    Meet the team of renegade super geniuses that work for months to pick the best talks for DEF CON. We love them, and you should too. It's a crazy hard job reviewing hundreds of highly technical proposa ... Read more
    Source: www.defcon.org