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  • two cheers for the West

    Published: 8/05/2017
    The defeat of Marianne Le Pen is a victory for the European Union; and the EU is one of the structures built in the wake of World War II either directly or indirectly by the Western Allies in that war ... Read more
    Source: peterlevine.ws
  • White racial resentment and the 2016 election

    Published: 5/05/2017
    Yesterday, I got to hear Michael Tesler present about his forthcoming book with John Sides and Lynn Vavreck: Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America. ... Read more
    Source: peterlevine.ws
  • the remarkable budget deal

    Published: 3/05/2017
    Many have been rightly alarmed by the Trump Administration’s commitments to terminate programs related to scholarship and science, aspects of k-16 education, environmental and climate research, ... Read more
    Source: peterlevine.ws