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  • trends in egalitarianism

    Published: 7/02/2017
    Here are some graphs that show Americans’ changing views of equality. You can click them to expand them. In each case, I’ve graphed the opinion of the whole population, of people who ident ... Read more
    Source: peterlevine.ws
  • new infographics from CIRCLE

    Published: 6/02/2017
    CIRCLE has created new visual guides on how to engage the 50% of young people who don’t vote, five policy steps for better youth engagement, and–displayed below–a path to stronger de ... Read more
    Source: peterlevine.ws
  • the question of sacrifice in politics

    Published: 3/02/2017
    (Atlanta, en route to Starkville, MS) Sacrifice can be a political act; often politics requires it. Sacrifice would be unnecessary in an ideal society and pointless in a completely static one; but in ... Read more
    Source: peterlevine.ws