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  • P2A00 code after engine swap

    Published: 24/02/2017
    Hey guys, Swapped the motor and now getting P2A00(main O2 sensor out of range). Happened approx 1000miles later. After recording a few datalogs the car runs fine. Fuel consumption is normal. Idle is n ... Read more
  • 06 Civic Sedan alarm going off randomly

    Published: 24/02/2017
    Hi, So I've seen similar posts, but no solutions that I can implement. My alarm goes off at random times. It used to just happen on really rainy days, then started on really cold days (below 35), and ... Read more
  • weatherstrip molding

    Published: 24/02/2017
    I have a Honda civic Hybrid 2008. Yesterday on the highway, after an automatic car wash, the weather strip on the windshield passenger side came out and I had to put it back, but it doesn't glue anymo ... Read more
  • Possible idle issue?

    Published: 24/02/2017
    Hi there! I just recently bought a 2003 civic si and after about 2-3 weeks of driving around town, I've recently noticed a strange idle issue. Whenever I tap the throttle or slow down to a stop,... Read more
  • 2005 Civic Dx brake lights

    Published: 24/02/2017
    Help! I have a 2005 Honda Civic Dx with bad brake lights. The driver side tail light works but the passenger side does not and neither of the brake lights come on when I press the brake. I have... Read more
  • Juror allowance to rise

    Published: 24/02/2017
    The Government will increase the allowance for jurors, court witnesses and Obscene Articles Tribunal adjudicators.   The increase of 14.7% to 20% will minimise the financial loss suffered by people se ... Read more
    Source: news.gov.hk
  • Charging system problems

    Published: 23/02/2017
    2005 Civic, The battery light stays on. Found the alternator to be loose. Alternator is now new and tight. Charges fine with no load but dies to 11-12 volts with AC and Headlights on. Sometimes the... Read more
  • Continues high reving

    Published: 23/02/2017
    Hi guys I just made an account and I just got a 97 honda civic coupe. I got it for 600 bucks for something to work I do not know a whole lot but I love working on cars and hoping some of you can help. ... Read more
  • Exhaust compatibility

    Published: 23/02/2017
    Okay so I was wondering if a greddy evo 2 catback for a si coupe 07 will fit an 07 si sedan ? Would I need any other parts to make it for or would it fit right off the bat? Read more