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  • Designing Maintainable Coaches

    Published: 20/04/2017
    What is a coach? Why do you need to maintain a coach? John Reynolds gives the 3 most important considerations to building a coach in BPM. The post Designing Maintainable Coaches appeared first on BP3 ... Read more
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  • BPMNEXT is this week!

    Published: 17/04/2017
    This week I’m off to the bpmNEXT conference in Santa Barbara, the conference for the innovators in the BPM space to show off what is cooking in the lab.  This is the fifth bpmNEXT conference, an ... Read more
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  • AdaptiveCM Workshop in America for first time

    Published: 14/04/2017
    The Sixth International AdaptiveCM Workshop will be associated with the EDOC conference this year, which will be held in Quebec City in October 2017 and is the first opportunity for many US and Canadi ... Read more
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  • SXSW Parting Thoughts

    Published: 5/04/2017
    After SXSW this year there was no rest for the weary. The following week was IBM’s InterConnect conference which is a big deal for BP3 as we’re a big IBM partner (in particular in business ... Read more
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  • BP3’s Startup Story on theCube

    Published: 4/04/2017
    Well, this is by no means the whole story of BP3 starting up, but extemporaneously I relayed some of it in this interview with theCube.  I recall meeting over coffee on Sunday mornings many times soci ... Read more
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  • The Power of Culture

    Published: 3/04/2017
    [This is a guest post from our own Nate Straub] Netflix is interesting.  Their HR policies are even more interesting.  I’ve viewed the Netflix Culture powerpoint at least 5 times, witnessed the adopti ... Read more
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