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  • Stentors: The Tiny Giants

    Published: 5/05/2017
    Measuring in at between 1 and 2 millimeters, the stentor is a thousand times longer than most bacteria and a billion times the volume. On top of that, for a single cell, it’s extremely complex. Hair-l ... Read more
  • Believe in Your Goodness

    Published: 4/05/2017
    Robert Johnson, the noted Jungian analyst, acknowledges how difficult it is for many of us to believe in our goodness. We more easily take our worst fears and thoughts to be who we are, the unacknowle ... Read more
  • The Neurology of Intention

    Published: 30/04/2017
    Our intentions arise in the brain, are represented in the brain, and are pursued in the brain. Where else? Therefore, a basic understanding of how intentions work in the brain – and thus in your mind ... Read more
  • The Awakening Factor of Joy

    Published: 23/04/2017
    Here is a talk from the San Rafael Meditation group with Rick Hanson. It is titled, “The Awakening Factor of Joy” More information on the San Rafael Meditation group can be found here. The ... Read more
  • A Fictive Flight Above Real Mars

    Published: 21/04/2017
    The anaglyph images of Mars taken by the HiRISE camera holds information about the topography of Mars surface. There are hundreds of high-resolution images of this type. This gives the opportunity to ... Read more
  • Don’t Be Intimidated

    Published: 19/04/2017
    What makes you feel threatened? The Practice: Don’t be intimidated. Why? On a previous blog at the Huffington Post, I used the example of Stephen Colbert’s satirical “March to Keep F ... Read more
  • How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

    Published: 18/04/2017
    ”Without gratitude, life can be lonely, depressing and impoverished. Gratitude enriches human life. It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms, and those who practice it will experience significa ... Read more
  • Right Mindfulness Part 2

    Published: 16/04/2017
    The Eightfold Path is the fourth of the Buddha's Noble Truths: the way that leads to the uprooting of the causes of suffering, and thus to increasingly stable and profound peacefulness, wisdom, virtue ... Read more