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  • Baby fussing the longer she feeds

    Published: 28/02/2017
    My 3 weeks old baby is gradually getting fussy when breastfeeding. She's becoming especially fussy after about 30 min. Does it mean she emptied the breast and I should offer her another one? Can she a ... Read more
  • Time away & milk supply

    Published: 28/02/2017
    Hello,  My LG is nearly 7 months old and I need to go to a funeral 4 hours away on Thursday it's not really practical to take her and my husband is able to take the day to look after her, she will als ... Read more
  • Switching to formula

    Published: 27/02/2017
    Baby coming up for 6 months so trying to introduce some formula so I can start to leave him a bit more often/return to work. He's taken expressed milk from a bottle plenty of times but he's just not u ... Read more