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  • Jubilees and Sacred Geography

    Published: 8/02/2017
    Just as the writer of Jubilees sought to insert the Law into primeval history, so to the boundaries of the Land. Jubilees begins with the recognition that the Land is a gift from God rooted in the cov ... Read more
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  • Jubilees and the Eternal Covenant

    Published: 6/02/2017
    The book of Jubilees is a critically important book for the study of the New Testament. The book was written in the second century B.C. in Hebrew as a summary and expansion of the book of Genesis and ... Read more
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  • Sirach and the Greeks

    Published: 4/02/2017
    The book of Sirach was originally written in Hebrew by Yeshua ben Sira at the beginning of the second century B.C.E. and was translated into Greek by the author’s grandson before 116 B.C.  The book wa ... Read more
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