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  • In light of 420 – How to Use Plant Spirit Medicines Properly

    Published: 20/04/2017
    When you use a psychoactive plant, you are communing with the plant. Courtesy: Thinkstock. By Aura Walker, MA, Cht In light of April 20th, I was asked by my editor to write what I know about Marijuana ... Read more
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  • Tune Up Tuesday with Body Love Yoga

    Published: 18/04/2017
    Rose Pelosi practices her Viparita Dandasana or Inverted Staff Pose. by Rose Pelosi Viparita Dandasana, or Inverted Staff Pose. A deep backbend. •Please, take the time to warm your spine up! •Don̵ ... Read more
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  • Bringing Beastie Bak

    Published: 17/04/2017
    Venice Art Crawl President Sunny Bak with Pinky Bak. Behind is a vintage Bak photo of the Beastie Boys in New York City. by Melanie Camp This year’s Venice Art Crawl Fundraiser is set to be one of the ... Read more
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  • SK8VB Skate Park Pic of the Week

    Published: 15/04/2017
    This is our Skate Park Pic of the week. Hugh Roberts got the shot. See more of his street photography on Instagram @hughphoto Enter Skate Park Pic of the Week on Instagram or Twitter. Tag @yovenice an ... Read more
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  • Construction Down Rent Up

    Published: 14/04/2017
    3:30pm U.S. Census Bureau data shows that permits for housing construction in the Los Angeles metropolitan area declined in 2016 for the first time in six years. The drop is the first since 2009, when ... Read more
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  • Deadly Crash on Washington Blvd

    Published: 11/04/2017
    7:59am A 23-year-old firefighter, Ron Herens, in Venice from Georgia, was thrown 30 feet and killed, and two of his fellow firefighters were injured when the car they were in was hit by a suspected dr ... Read more
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  • Cultivating a Bright Future in Venice

    Published: 28/03/2017
    The internship team: Garden Manager Natalie Flores, Jose, Veronica Martinez, Garden Manager Matt Finkelstein, and Raymar. Kiss the Ground by Melanie Camp The Kiss the Ground Regenerative Garden sweeps ... Read more
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  • Everyone is Clairvoyant!

    Published: 26/03/2017
    By Aura Walker, MA, Cht I went through a stage about three years ago where I became fascinated with investigating tarot, psychics, and such. I delved into trying sessions with people directly referred ... Read more
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