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  • summer craft room ideas

    Published: 17/05/2017
    Is it hard for you to let your kiddos do lots of crafting?  It’s hard for me.  It always seems to end up a crazy mess, and now that Vivi and Brigie are really old enough to do lots of ... Read more
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  • bathing suit favorites for mamas

    Published: 11/05/2017
    So, summer is nearly upon us.  If you are down South like me, it feels pretty much like summer.  And with summer comes pools, oceans, and . . . bathing suits.  Typically, I avoid the ba ... Read more
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  • organizing a shared kids’ closet

    Published: 9/05/2017
    So, we just finished up organizing the closet that Vivi and Brigette share.  I have largely been ignoring this closet recently; it’s become a place where I just shove stuff in and shut the ... Read more
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