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  • My podcast with Radio Live

    Published: 22/05/2017
    When I was in New Zealand I was unable to do a podcast with reader Graeme Hill for the podcast Radio Live, but I did it from my home in Chicago a few days ago. I was on my landline, so the sound quali ... Read more
  • The Smart Meter Hubbub

    Published: 22/05/2017
    Same story, different day. While the details of specific topics change, people are the same. They commit the same fallacies and errors in thinking, and so the patterns of arguments tend to be the same ... Read more
    Source: theness.com
  • ‘Fighting for our children’

    Published: 22/05/2017
    Today’s protest anthem and Monday morning open thread comes courtesy of Mavis Staples. If necessary, you can invent and add an infinite number of verses to this song, and sing it forever. I ment ... Read more
    Source: www.patheos.com