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  • zero margin for error

    Published: 20/04/2017
    Some raw video of the aftermath of a particularly nasty wreck yesterday in Italy, where Bavaria 50 Dipiú got tossed on a rocky jetty after losing their engine on final approach to Rimini Harbour. 4 de ... Read more
  • get your motor running

    Published: 19/04/2017
    A motor show may appear to be a strange place to introduce some sailing team members but when the Motor Show is in Shanghai and the sailing team is Dongfeng it is a little less surprising. Sailing fan ... Read more
  • anarchy with a cause

    Published: 18/04/2017
    Just wanted to update you on progress. Just 25 days top go to launch for Race To Scotland – route all planned and most of the logistics in place. We did a promo shoot off the South coast of the ... Read more
  • same team, different day

    Published: 5/04/2017
    EXCLUSIVE: AC BREAKING (LITERALLY) - This afternoon Artemis Racing looks to have killed their America’s Cup 45T – the test and trial horse for the AC50 they hope to challenge the big boys ... Read more
  • the rest of the story

    Published: 4/04/2017
    We reported on two dismastings last week (one of which including a full de-boating as well), and the rest of the story – or at least more of each – has popped up in video format. First, a ... Read more
  • let’s get ready to rumble

    Published: 1/04/2017
    Break out the propellors, because thanks to a new philosophy and partnership, the Southern Ocean Racing Conference is going full-power for 2018!  The SORC Islands in the Stream Series (including the M ... Read more