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  • Podcast 90 – Susan Orlean

    Published: 25/05/2017
    Susan Orlean is a writer, and an incredible one at that. Abe and I were both fans of her work before we met (via twitter) and now we are friends. She also co-hosts her own podcast, Crybabies (with Sar ... Read more
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Blondies

    Published: 16/05/2017
    Serious question.  I am thinking about going blonde.  Okay, not totally blonde, but just something lighter and different than the black hair I’ve had my entire life.  Now that I have to get my h ... Read more
  • Homemade Chunky Hummus

    Published: 13/05/2017
    Did you know that Trader Joe's carries Tahini?!? When I saw it on the shelf I did a little happy dance. Abe asked me to bring home hummus and carrots and I was all, "DUDE we're going to MAKE our own h ... Read more
  • Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad

    Published: 29/04/2017
    Mother's Day is coming up, and so is Father's Day. Even though my mom wants the same stuff every single year since I was a kid (flowers) and I no longer have a dad around, I thought I'd do a gift guid ... Read more