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  • Before the ascension

    Published: 23/04/2017
    Stepping into the flock waving wings in all directions above the whining whiskers of a lonely cat waiting for a snack with the neighbors’ pat on the head before the sun sets Flowing from the soi ... Read more
  • A Limp Others Can’t See

    Published: 23/04/2017
    The old man crossing the street has a bad limp we try to ignore. No one wants to look at a limp like that. We like to think no one else can see the limp we have the limp we earned by ignoring little p ... Read more
  • Ineffable, yet Highly Electric

    Published: 23/04/2017
    All you need is love, it has been said a time, or two, or three dozen thousand trillions and a quarter raised to the eleventh degree with an exponential cherry added on top where life is sweetest. The ... Read more
  • Another Brilliant Rest

    Published: 23/04/2017
    Why, How long, It’s always in the nature, Stillness, While the shifting scent Tells comfort, tells Arriving All the night, The numbers congregating, Broken stone in semi-circles, And below – the ... Read more
  • Jealous Thrifty Gods

    Published: 23/04/2017
    Frugality is all in your world. Everything must stand still Or if it moves, must flow only into itself Never out nor lost, a pound of flesh From where no blood must drop. Your God is a jealous god A g ... Read more
  • Living, comme il faut!

    Published: 23/04/2017
    When Earth is itself A floating mass of mystery On a sea of inscrutability When the beings that walk it Remain slaved to its obscurity When it belongs to none When it fools us all in making us believe ... Read more