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    Published: 23/01/2017
    In the last post in this series, I insisted that helping our youth think about their eschatology can help them in several ways. That is because, if someone actually believes in an eschatology, it is f ... Read more
  • Caring for Me? Really?

    Published: 22/01/2017
    Exercise! Work out! Care for yourself! These mantras flood social media, articles, and websites especially at the start of the new year. Honestly, it’s easy for those good meaning mantras to become ir ... Read more
  • Your Vision is Too Small

    Published: 20/01/2017
    Do you know what irks your principal? Do students know your story? How many teachers know your name? How many parents in the community know what you do? If you never went to your campus again, would p ... Read more
  • Joshua’s Big Audacious Prayer

    Published: 12/01/2017
    I recently finished up studying through the book of Joshua. While reading through this book, I found myself spending a little extra time contrasting chapters 9 and 10. I found the words of Joshua 9:14 ... Read more
  • An Interview with Trip Lee

    Published: 12/01/2017
    Maina Mwaura chats with Rapper, Author, and Pastor Trip Lee: Check out more about Trip online at: builttobrag.com MAINA MWAURA loves to guide student leaders. He is the husband of Tiffiney and has a t ... Read more
  • The Parent Perspective

    Published: 12/01/2017
    I have been diving into the recently released Barna study, “The State of Youth Ministry.” I’ve gone over every piece of data several times as I’m attempting to make sense of where we are at collective ... Read more