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  • Uke for Xmas? Read This!

    Published: 23/12/2016
    When I got my first ukulele, I was completely clueless. This was in those dark, long forgotten days before the internet had been discovered. I didn’t even realise that the strings weren’t ... Read more
    Source: ukulelehunt.com
  • Merry Christmas! See you in 2017

    Published: 22/12/2016
    Merry Christmas, Chanukah Sameach, Io Saturnalia and Happy Holidays! (If you’re into that kind of thing.) If you’re after some Christmas music and you’re as Spotify user here’s ... Read more
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  • Uke Hunt’s Best of 2016

    Published: 21/12/2016
    It’s been another golden year for the ukulele. Time to wrap it up with some of my favourites. Let me know yours in the comments. Particularly if it’s something I’ve missed. Ukulele R ... Read more
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