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  • Colleen, Irene, Cynthia, Suzi, and Gretchen

    Published: 5/12/2016
    Some of the gorgeous subjects of my latest book Advanced Style: Older and Wiser posing outside a recent book signing in Orange County. The post Colleen, Irene, Cynthia, Suzi, and Gretchen appeared fir ... Read more
  • Silvana Stefanovic-Riley

    Published: 30/11/2016
    I met Silvana and at one of my book signings in Australia a few weeks ago. Since then she has started a wonderful instagram. To follow her adventures CLICK HERE. The post Silvana Stefanovic-Riley appe ... Read more
  • Caroline and Elise Rueda

    Published: 28/11/2016
    Running into Caroline and Elise is like spotting a pair of rare gems. From Chanel-clad leopard ensembles to a twist on Harajuku style you never know what they will be sporting. They are truly individu ... Read more