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  • Dr. Lee in Color by Arcum42

    Published: 15/01/2017
    Shaenon: Arcum42 was kind enough to color one of the Kickstarter sketches I posted last Sunday.  Nice!  Thanks so much! Channing: Always appreciated, A42! Nice work! Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • Skin Horse 6 Kickstarter Sketches

    Published: 8/01/2017
    Shaenon: Busy drawing for the Kickstarter backers who asked for bonus character sketches.  Sweetheart and Unity together are a popular request this time around. Channing: Man, you guys have the best i ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com
  • Skin Horse 6 Release Party

    Published: 1/01/2017
    Shaenon: Hey, a party!  I’m throwing a book release party for Skin Horse Volume 6 at the wonderful Borderlands Books in San Francisco on Saturday, January 14.  Expect books, cupcakes, and wine. ... Read more
    Source: skin-horse.com