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  • return of the killer tuna

    Published: 17/01/2017
    In news that will make even the most cynical US Sailing Team spectator rejoice, Anna Tunnicliffe has entered her Laser  in the Sailing World Cup Miami next week for the first step in what everyone hop ... Read more
  • the electric company

    Published: 17/01/2017
    If you’ve been scared to make the move to electric propulsion, the time is now, and we thank our friends at Stephens Waring Design for making repowering with a Torqeedo look so easy.  Here’ ... Read more
  • from the calm to the storm

    Published: 17/01/2017
    Francis Joyon and the crew of IDEC Sport are doing incredible things out there as they blaze their way to a likely smashing of the outright round-the-world record.  After watching the video above, we ... Read more
  • No Worries, It's Only Mud

    Published: 5/01/2017
    Jack van Ommen wants his family, friends and many fans not to be overly concerned about what looks like a perilous situation for him and his Gig Harbor, Washington-based Naja 30 Fleetwood. “Grounding ... Read more
  • January Racing Preview

    Published: 5/01/2017
    Like storms in a wet year, the winter season of racing on San Francisco Bay rolls along. More players join the fun during the month of January, starting this Saturday, January 7. That's the date that ... Read more
  • Studying for an Upgrade

    Published: 4/01/2017
    I’m busy studying for a 500 ton mate’s license as well as a 200 ton master upgrade. I’m knee deep in the cargo handling section right now. There’s alot of information too absor ... Read more