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  • If Audi Made an Iron

    Published: 21/01/2017
    You did read that correctly, it’s not a typo. I am writing about the Audi Iron. But for all the Audi enthusiasts, it is a concept made by Jaehyuk Lim. Audi is always on top when it comes to the latest ... Read more
    Source: manofmany.com
  • The ‘Freedrum’ to Make Your Own Beats

    Published: 21/01/2017
    This a self-explanatory gadget, but it is our job at Man of Many to ensure you guys get all the necessary information. Remember those times, where you are listening to some songs and you’re just air-d ... Read more
    Source: manofmany.com
  • Wooden Lighting Inspired by the 1969 Lunar Mission

    Published: 20/01/2017
    Inspired by the 1969 Lunar Mission, the sculptural Eagle Collection from Franco-Finnish design house Woodlabo is comprised of 5 distinctive pendant lights with shapes taken from NASA’s Eagle Lander. T ... Read more
    Source: www.werd.com