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  • Give what you needed to get.

    Published: 16/08/2016
    Sometimes you make things because they live deep within you and you simply must. And sometimes, you make things because you are trying to give what at what point, you needed to get. The photographer w ... Read more
  • Ultimate Word Nerd Digest

    Published: 11/08/2016
    Have you ever had a person point out that really-obvious-to-everyone-else thing about you after years of noticing it and keeping quiet? It’s embarrassing, really. My best friend Doey mentioned mine ri ... Read more
  • The best $117.90 I’ve ever made.

    Published: 9/08/2016
    Right around age 21, I internalized the idea that no one could make a living as a poet. Being ever so wise and nearly 22, I quickly broadened that sentiment to mean that no one could make a living as ... Read more