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  • Pound Pounded by Renewed Brexit Concerns

    Published: 17/01/2017
    Renewed concerns over "hard" Brexit hurt British pound, sending it to a 3-month low of 1.1979 against US dollar before recovering to above 1.2 at close. The market is closely watching PM Theresa May's ... Read more
  • Kunstler: The Cheeto Cometh

    Published: 17/01/2017
    I dunno about you, but I rather enjoy watching the praetorian Deep State go batshit crazy as the day of Trump’s apotheosis approacheth. I imagine a lot of men and women running down the halls of Langl ... Read more
    Source: peakoil.com
  • Awaiting Trump's Inauguration

    Published: 16/01/2017
    We have a light calendar with the US market closed on Monday. For the week ahead, the focus is on the inauguration of Donald Trump as the US president. While this would mostly be a ceremonial occasion ... Read more