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    Published: 7/12/2016
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  • Legitimacy, Power, and Culture

    Published: 3/12/2016
    We’ve heard it said, culture is downstream of power, or is power downstream of culture? Which controls the levers to the other? As I’ve said before, power (the ability to force your will) ... Read more
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    Published: 30/11/2016
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  • Lightning Round – 2016/11/23

    Published: 23/11/2016
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    Published: 16/11/2016
    Welcome to the Trump Triumphant edition of the Lightning Round. But first, a new project to establish a true Canadian Right is starting up: Check out Northern Dawn. Here’s the call to action for ... Read more
  • To the Left on Trump

    Published: 13/11/2016
    You are the reason Trump won. Trump is a gamechanger, not necessarily because of what he’ll do, but because of what he represents. Trump is the first time white Americans in the US have voted, s ... Read more