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  • Twitter Math Camp 2017

    Published: 1/12/2016
    We are starting to gear up for TMC17, which will be at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School  in Atlanta, GA (map is here) from July 27-30, 2017. We are looking forward to a great event! Part of what makes ... Read more
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  • Teaching is hard work. Election aftermath.

    Published: 9/11/2016
    Yesterday, I told one of my precalculus classes how it was an exciting day. I was setting them up because it was election day, and kids at my school are heavily interested in politics, so I thought th ... Read more
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  • Waiters, Waiters, everywhere…

    Published: 3/11/2016
    Today I was nerdsniped in the math office. My department head and two colleagues were working on this problem. I don’t know where it came from. But golly, did I enjoy it! Imagine you have a row ... Read more
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