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  • The Anti-Russia Complex

    Published: 7/12/2016
    General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., who is the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in July 2015 “My assessment today, is that Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security.” He ... Read more
  • Marijuana and a Free Society

    Published: 7/12/2016
    Not all Americans are celebrating the recently passed ballot measures relating to marijuana—especially some conservatives. People in the states of California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted to ... Read more
  • Top 10 Trends for 2017

    Published: 7/12/2016
    KINGSTON, NY, 6 December 2016—Forecasting worldwide since 1980, never before have we observed so many key socioeconomic and geopolitical trend dynamics as those that will shape 2017 and beyond for bot ... Read more
  • Aspartame Causes Obesity

    Published: 7/12/2016
    By Dr. Mercola The allure of artificial sweeteners — zero calories and a sweet taste — is a strong one, such that up to 180 million Americans use them routinely.1 There have been concerns from the beg ... Read more
  • Rule by Distant Strangers

    Published: 6/12/2016
    The purpose of the European project, at least the purpose sold to the public, was to provide long-term stability to the continent, particularly economic stability. The lesson of the first fifty years ... Read more
  • Want To Protect Your Eyesight?

    Published: 6/12/2016
    By Dr. Mercola It wasn’t long ago, relatively speaking, that humans woke and slept along with the rise and setting of the sun. While the invention of modern artificial lighting has allowed us to be pr ... Read more
  • For a New Foreign Policy

    Published: 6/12/2016
    President-elect Donald Trump told a Cincinnati audience this week that he intends to make some big changes in US foreign policy. During his “thank you” tour in the midwest, Trump had this to say: We w ... Read more
  • Stifling Freedom of Expression

    Published: 6/12/2016
    This is a long story which extends over fifteen years. NATO first attempted to silence those citizens who were trying to discover the truth about the attacks of 11 September 2001. Then it turned on th ... Read more
  • Survival Fuel for Your Body

    Published: 5/12/2016
    Being well-nourished during a disaster can mean the difference between powering through the event with strength, stamina, and energy or plodding through the situation barely able to put one foot in fr ... Read more