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  • Mining Stocks Bull Market

    Published: 23/01/2017
    A longer term view of the 20 month moving average on mining stocks suggests that a new bull market is well underway. This moving average has not only been recently retested but is rising as in previou ... Read more
  • Top ETF Picks Now That Trump Is President

    Published: 23/01/2017
    Political change is in the air, as President Donald Trump took office this month. His administration, elected on a platform of change, is expected to shake things up, and markets will react accordingl ... Read more
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  • Gold Faces a Key Test

    Published: 23/01/2017
    February Gold did everything we asked of it on Friday, clearing the way for a push to the 1226.90 target given here earlier. As always, a move that easily exceeds the target, in this case by perhaps $ ... Read more