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  • Storybird Scribes: December Challenge roundup

    Published: 19/01/2017
    For December's challenge, we asked Storybird members to write a 3000 word (or less) story that included the theme " The text that made my New Year's Eve ". Whether it was because you were inspired by ... Read more
    Source: storybird.com
  • Orlando Workshop Underway!

    Published: 19/01/2017
    My Orlando Caricature Workshop starts today through Saturday. Check my new Workshop Page for details, upcoming dates and other info. If dates are set you’ll find a link to the a place to place a ... Read more
  • Incoming: RED THORN Vol. 2

    Published: 18/01/2017
    Image © David Baillie & Meghan Hetrick. I’m sad this series only ran to 13 issues, I enjoyed it a great deal. The second collection has arrived, containing issues 8 to 13, and I highly recom ... Read more