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  • League of Legends – Second ranked queue fun

    Published: 2/12/2016
    Riot adding a second, separate ranked ladder this season to League of Legends is an interesting development, especially because the new ladder allows for people to queue up with up to 4 others. Person ... Read more
    Source: syncaine.com
  • Tyranny – Spells and story

    Published: 28/11/2016
    More Tyranny musings for today. Spell Mechanics: Being able to customize spells is a major feature in Tyranny. In my first game I didn’t do a lot with it, mostly because my main character wasn’t a spe ... Read more
    Source: syncaine.com
  • Gevlon has promised to delete his blog

    Published: 18/11/2016
    To quote the batshit insane one himself: “So no more pundit trying to explain how he was right while everything he predicted was wrong” Now where will the world go for tackle titan fits, h ... Read more
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  • Random Friday Rambles 11/4/16

    Published: 4/11/2016
    Random Friday ramblings incoming. Our clan in Clash of Clans (Supreme Cream!) hit level 10 after our last war. This is a rather big deal because now when we donate troops they get increased by two lev ... Read more
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