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  • EVE: RP in EVE matters

    Published: 17/01/2017
    In the most recent EVE post here, n0th brought up the subject of RP in EVE, and how its a major factor. I agree, and I also think the RP factor in EVE is somewhat unique not just in the … Contin ... Read more
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  • CCP Falcon sent Riot a note?

    Published: 12/01/2017
    From the Warwick champion rework page: “Approachability is great, but you shouldn’t be able to totally master a champ in a few games.” A few games, a few dozen, maybe a few hundred a ... Read more
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  • EVE: War in Catch, production at home

    Published: 10/01/2017
    We are in a war again in EVE, and as usual TAGN will likely cover the major events far better than I will here. But war, war is always fun in EVE, and we are fully deployed and kicking ass. … Co ... Read more
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  • I just fixed Early Access

    Published: 6/01/2017
    I have a massive love/hate relationship with Early Access, but I think I finally cleared the final mental hurdle with it. Two primary issues bother me with EA. The first is when a game drags in EA, ei ... Read more
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  • Battle Brothers review

    Published: 1/01/2017
    Battle Brothers is one of those “how f’n hard is this game?” types that I love. It’s not unfair hard, and its not ‘super hard to learn’ hard either. The difficulty is that ever ... Read more
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  • BB down, CR and CoC way up!

    Published: 21/12/2016
    My three main mobile games update time. First the bad news; we are on break from Boom Beach. We lost a few key members over the last few weeks, and many of us had reached the cap in terms of … C ... Read more
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