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  • They Will Walk in White

    Published: 8/12/2016
    Psalms 68:10 All God's gifts are prepared gifts laid away to meet wants He has foreseen. He anticipates our needs; and out of the fullness that He has treasured up in Christ Jesus, He provides from Hi ... Read more
  • Who Wants the Pink Cloth?

    Published: 8/12/2016
    Bobby isn't the only one who objected to the pink cloth. Sally did too. The post Who Wants the Pink Cloth? appeared first on Love, Joy, Feminism . Read more
    Source: www.patheos.com
  • The One True Light – the song

    Published: 8/12/2016
    One of the songs on the new House Band album, Dust to Life, was inspired by my advent book, The One True Light. In this post Lucy Mitchell, the author of the lyrics, explains how and why she wrote it. ... Read more