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  • Adoptee Testing: A Study

    Published: 8/01/2017
    Today, Judy Russell at The Legal Genealogist published “DNA testing for adoptees: 2017,” an EXCELLENT primer for adoptees or foundlings looking to use DNA to find their biological family. If you’ve te ... Read more
  • The Danger of Distant Matches

    Published: 6/01/2017
    We know that small segments shared between two individuals can be problematic (see Small Matching Segments – Friend or Foe?), whether the two individuals are closely related or distantly related (or n ... Read more
  • Clustering Shared Matches

    Published: 3/01/2017
    Given the lack of a chromosome browser, the Shared Matches tool at AncestryDNA is one of the most powerful tools available to genealogists. Once you have a list of genetic cousins at AncestryDNA, you ... Read more