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  • The Night of July 13

    Published: 25/11/2016
    The night of July 13 is one I will never forget. I was seated by the campfire, staring into the bright dancing flames surrounded by darkness. My two friends, Dave and Chris, were sitting across from m ... Read more
  • The Duxbury Chronicles: The Students

    Published: 24/11/2016
    E/N: To read the prior installments in this series, please visit The Duxbury Chronicles tag. Thank you! THE DUXBURY CHRONICLES “THE STUDENTS” PHASE ONE “WAXING CRESCENT” CHAPTER 1 “N ... Read more
  • The Carpathian Carver

    Published: 23/11/2016
    The Carpathian mountains cast a long shadow as the Sun set. I was in this God-forsaken place for my brother. He had left three months ago, leaving a voicemail before vanishing. He said he was on to so ... Read more