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  • Seeing the Quantum Future...Literally

    Published: 19/01/2017
    University of Sydney Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia led by professor Michael J. Biercuk have utilized big data methods to predict how quantum systems will change and then prevent ... Read more
    Source: sydney.edu.au
  • Using Mathematics to Hunt for Computer Errors

    Published: 19/01/2017
    Scilog The Austrian Science Fund is funding the development of methods devised by researchers led by Institute for Science and Technology Austria professor Krishnendu Chatterjee to apply mathematical ... Read more
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  • Contributions of PCAST

    Published: 19/01/2017
    CCC Blog The President's Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) for the Obama administration is marked by the greatest diversity and distinction in U.S. history. PCAST, which dates back ... Read more
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